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Mexican Products

Mexican Products may be more present in the taste of people who live in Europe and especially in Spain, all this largely due to Latin immigration but more the Mexican one has been increasing over the years and therefore the demand of foods of Mexican origin. On the other hand, the consumption of Mexican products has increased due to the reduction of gastronomy from other countries. In the foreign food category, Mexican food is in the first places of sale in the Spanish market and with the greatest growth projection not only in Spain but also in Europe.

The success of Mexican food is curious in the case of Spain, because it is not related to migratory flows compared to other countries in the world since the Mexican population is not representative compared to other nationalities such as Peru, Morocco, Ecuador, to mention a few. Mexican food in its vast majority is consumed by a diversity of people of different nationalities, where Mexicans are the least.

It is true that Mexicans consume Mexican products for different reasons, whether they are to follow certain Mexican traditions, nostalgia for a dish, identity with Mexico, memories of our loved ones, loyalty with products because they inspire trust, etc. Instead, Europeans try Mexican products to learn about Mexican culture, experience new flavors, discover different aromas, experience a teleportation sensation to Mexico, or simply out of curiosity.

mexican products

Recipes with Mexican products

Thanks to Mexican products, an infinity of dishes can be elaborated where each one carries a history and complexity in its elaboration due to the fact that it has a gastronomic legacy of many years of culinary traditions, where yesterday's recipes are fused with those of today, making a melting pot of different flavors.

Today Mexican gastronomy is in vogue, taking traditional food to another level in terms of sophistication and creativity, making room for European chefs to use Mexican products to make fusion cuisine using the best of both worlds.

For us, Mexican food is what represents us as a culture towards other countries. Since through food you make known the uses and customs of Mexico from the moment the inputs are harvested, the food is elaborated and until they are consumed, closing that gastronomic life cycle.