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Marinade Chiles Chipotles 2.8 kg


Marinade chipotle peppers 2.8 kg

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Marinated Chipotle Peppers 2.8 Kg - Hawksbill 

The chipotle pepper is an essential part of many traditional preparations and a symbol of identity that comes from ancient times. This variety of chile, also known in some regions as chipotle meco, comes from the Nahuatl word chilpoctli, which means smoked chile, but did you know that chipotle chile comes from the ripe jalapeño pepper?

Presentation: Can 

Origin: Mexico

Total weight of the product: 2.8 Kg

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Zucchini flower 215 gr

Marinade Chiles Chipotles 2.8 kg

Marinade chipotle peppers 2.8 kg

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