La Tienda Mexicana. LA MORENA, A Mexican brand with a history of overcoming and success

La Tienda Mexicana. LA MORENA, A Mexican brand with a history of overcoming and success

La Tienda Mexicana. LA MORENA, A Mexican brand with a history of overcoming and success

The history of this brand of canned food LA MORENA has its origin in a person named Félix Ayala Ávila who was born in La Piedad Michoacán in 1923. At the age of 14 he emigrated to Mexico City to try One of the vast majority of the people of the province who start out with great enthusiasm to get ahead looking for fame and fortune in the capital, began as a street sweeper in a market near Plaza Garibaldi in the center of Mexico City and it was there that their On the way to success by sweeping up the garbage from the market, he learned to catalog the vegetables since many of these vegetables that were thrown away by the shops were not in bad condition, so Félix would collect them and select them for later the vegetables that were in he sold it better conditions to get extra money, becoming an expert in choosing vegetables, especially tomatoes and chili peppers.

With the sale of vegetables, Mr. Félix bought a truck with which he began to move to the City of Puebla where he found a job as a worker in the Spanish-owned packing plant called Gutiérrez, Madrazo y Cía., Alimentos Enlatados, Dulces y Conservas. , later HEINZ in the municipality of Rafael Lara Grajales in the State of Puebla, where he worked for more than 20 years. At the end of the 60's the company began to have financial problems due to the lack of sales and that was how Félix offered the former owners to buy the company in installments and in 1970 he began to work with a hundred workers , but now under a new company name Productos Alimenticios La Morena SA in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, highly venerated throughout Mexico. In the beginning they began to make products for other brands such as Clemente Jacques and Herdez. Once it was consolidated, it launched its own brand of products, currently LA MORENA, the second canned chili pepper company in all of Mexico.

This is a story worth reading since nowadays there are few Mexican companies that have been able to transcend, being at the same time extremely inspirational stories such as LA MORENA, a company with 100 workers has grown to more than 2000 workers, today It has a factory in Puebla and another in Tlaxcala with the most modern equipment and is automated.

LA MORENA exports its production to the United States, Central America, Asia and Europe among the most popular products of LA MORENA are jalapeño peppers in all their presentations such as whole, slices, slices, chipotle peppers in adobo and sauces of all flavors and colors.


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