The Mexican Store.  Habanero Chile:  origin. Gourmet chili recipe with chicken and mango

The Mexican Store. Habanero Chile: origin. Gourmet chili recipe with chicken and mango

Mexico among many of its attractions is the city of Yucatán and is known worldwide for its Mayan cities, such as Chichen Itzá and Uxmal; for its culture and culinary tradition, for the warmth of its people and for its high temperatures.

Among the most traditional dishes we find the lime soup, the oriental pickle, the panuchos, salbutes, the cochinita pibil, among many other dishes, they are never missing on the Yucatecan table, always accompanied by spicy sauces and condiments, many of which are are made with Habanero Chili Peppers.

The origin of the Capsicum Chinense, well known as Habanero  Chili Pepper, occurs in a large area located between the south of Brazil and the east of Bolivia, the west of Paraguay and the north of Argentina.

Although it is native to South America, it is said that it was introduced to Cuba, although it is not grown or consumed on the island. From there it is believed that it was brought to the Yucatan Peninsula. This hypothesis is reinforced when verifying that Habanero Chili Pepper  is the only chile that does not have a Mayan name, unlike others.

This chili is distributed throughout the peninsula, where different shapes are observed, colors and it goes through various stages of maturation where it progressively changes color. It starts in green, yellow, orange and red, etc. We can also find several varieties of Habanero Chili Pepper that differ in size and hotness.

As regards the Flavor, if you get used to the level of spiciness of this chili pepper since it is in great demand, since it is considered among the most spicy on the scale, it has between 200,000 and 300,000 Scoville units, the flavor and aromas that it gives off are not they are comparable to almost no other chili pepper. Freshness and even sweetness with slight acid touches are the first thing one experiences when trying it (and before capsaicin kicks in just a second or two later). The aromas are citrus, apple and even ginger, nothing to do with other chili peppers such as smoked chipotle pepper or pickled jalapeño pepper where smoke or vinegar are present. Habanero Chili Pepper is juicier and the sauces made with it are usually very fresh. There are habanero Chili Peppers sauces with mango and they are really delicious.

For some years now, capsaicinoids have been used for their medical and pharmacological properties. The capsaicin contained in the Habanero Chili Pepper plays an important role in the molecular mechanisms to prevent obesity and modulates coronary blood flow. It has antimicrobial properties that can alter the consumer's intestinal microbiota; stimulates the mucous membrane of the stomach, increasing salivary secretion and peristalsis (contractions of the intestine that advance food), which stimulates the appetite. In addition, hot peppers intensify nasal and tear secretion, as well as that of gastric juices. Also, capsaicin has an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effect. There are pharmaceutical products made from Habanero Chili Pepper extract that are used to relieve muscle pain. It is also used in ointments, lotions and creams to externally treat chronic pain problems related to arthritis, gout, neuralgia, and surgical scars. Oleoresins are extracted from habanero chili, whose application, in addition to the food industry, extends to the chemical industry for the production of paints and varnishes, tear gas, it has also been shown that chili is an excellent source of natural, mineral and vitamins A, C and E.

So that you do not stay with the desire, we will give you a recipe so you can enjoy the Habanero Chili Pepper.

Chicken breaded in mango and habanero chili sauce


Grind the mangoes in the blender, add the garlic, onion and Habanero Chile Peppers.

Habanero Chile Peppers Marin

Take the sauce to a hot saucepan, you can put a piece of butter to give it shine, if you want the sauce less thick add syrup from the mangoes

To the chicken strips add salt and pepper, pass them through flour, then egg, and ground bread

Fry them in hot oil until they are golden brown, put them on absorbent paper to remove excess fat

Place the breasts on a plate, the sauce in a bowl, dip the breasts in the sauce, and enjoy.

You can accompany them with green salad or steamed vegetables

It can also be made with fresh mangoes, you just have to cook them with a little sugar

Now just cook and enjoy.

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