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Corn flour

The origin of corn flour, the ancestral method that was developed in pre-Hispanic times, which is called nixtamal, which is the process by which corn is cooked with water and lime, once after grinding the corn is produced nixtamalized, to use corn to make tortillas among many other products.

corn flour

Corn flour, the main ingredient in Mexican dishes

Corn flour is the product that is consumed the most daily in Mexico, around 300 million tortillas a day, that is why it is a fundamental part of Mexican gastronomy. In Mexico as in the world, the Maseca brand has been the most popular for more than 50 years, La Maseca is nixtamalized corn flour that is dehydrated, that is why you only need to add water to make a dough and from making the famous tortillas, this corn flour is also used to make tamales, cookies, atole, gorditas, sopes, breads, quesadillas, empanadas, etc. In Latin America they eat corn flour an example of this, they are the popular "arepas" that are eaten in Venezuela and Colombia. Maseca corn flour provides an important nutritional value due to the addition of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B2 and B1, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc. In addition, this corn flour is low in sodium, suitable for celiacs, does not contain cholesterol and due to its high fiber index it is good for the digestive system. In short, it is a very complete food and also very rich.

In Spain, twenty years ago corn flour tortillas were not very common, on the contrary at that time the predominant tortillas were those of wheat flour, in almost all Mexican restaurants they served the tacos with the wheat tortilla, being very annoying for a Mexican since there are very few tacos that are served with wheat flour tortillas, such as gringas that are made with shepherd's meat and cheese, also wheat flour tortillas are often served with the Wire Chicken or beef and the famous fajitas are always served with wheat tortillas. These are just a few exceptions, but for the most part Mexican tacos have to be served on corn flour tortillas.