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Packs of Products

We have a wide variety of product packs to give you an easy and economical way to purchase the ingredients and the kitchens in the comfort of your home.

Pack of Products

We have the perfect Pack for you

• PACK BOTANERO. This pack was made so that you would have a quick snack to make since you only fry a little chopped onion in a pan and pour the beans, once they are hot you put them in a bowl, top it with grated cheese and jalapeño peppers in slice with your chips on the side to dip.

• PACK CHILAQUILES. The chilaquiles pack was designed so that you could make them quickly and easily, in a pan you heat the sauce of your choice, either green or red for enchiladas, the advantage of this sauce is that they are already prepared and seasoned, on a plate You arrange the tortilla chips and bathe them with the sauce, finally, top it with cotija cheese, sour cream and a few thin slices of white onion.

• PACK ENFRIJOLADAS. This pack of enfrijoladas are very easy to make, in a pan you fry chopped onion and heat the refried beans of your choice, add a little water to make them a little thick, then pass the corn tortillas in hot oil for a few seconds for one side and the other, take them out and drain them for a moment, you can fill them in different ways, in this case they would be soft cheese, once on the plate bathe with the beans that will have a consistency as if it were a bean sauce and Finally, sprinkle with fresh cheese or cotija, sour cream and some raw onion rings.

• PACK ENMOLADAS. The pack of enmoladas is made as follows, in case you want to fill the enmoladas with chicken, you have to previously cook the chicken and shred it. Regarding the mole, in a pan you have to dissolve the mole with chicken broth to make a uniform and smooth sauce. Then another pan will be used to fry the tortillas for just a few seconds so that they are manageable, avoid at all costs the tortillas from browning. The tortillas are arranged on a plate, where each of the tortillas were previously submerged in the mole so that they are impregnated, each tortilla is filled with the shredded chicken and covered with the mole sauce. At the end, a good fresh cheese, sour cream and sliced ​​natural onion are topped.

• PACK MICHELADA and PACK MICHELADA XXL. This pack is very new because this drink has been spreading throughout Spain and Europe. With a single pack you have the ingredients to make an excellent michelada, you just need to choose the beer of your choice, ice, salt and pepper, the rest is provided by us, for details visit our blog and you will find the original recipe from La Tienda Mexicana .

• PACK POZOLE. This pozole pack is unique since we save you time since the Pozolero Corn, which is the cacahuazintle corn, is already precooked so you will save a lot of cooking time around 45 minutes, you also have to add the pork or chicken according to the style of pozole, it also comes with the pack some bags of guajillo chili and ground chile de arbol, to give that point of flavor and heat to the pozole. It is important to have as a garnish, radish, chopped onion, chopped lettuce, chopped avocado and oregano to put it inside.

• PACK TRIO KI GOURMET. We have devised this pack so that you can have within reach and taste the best sauces on the Spanish market, including the Jalapeño Chili Sauce in Oil, which is perfect to accompany some tacos al pastor, the raspberry sauce with tequila ideal to accompany with fine cheeses, to make a vinaigrette or for a pole and finally there is the chipotle sauce, with a smoky and sweet touch. Perfect for preparing a delicious picadillo or to make meatballs, you could also mix it with Philadelphia cheese for a snack.