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"Trompo" for tacos al pastor

If you have tacos al pastor in your menu you should have a “Trompo” to cook tacos al pastor, since it gives a very particular flavor the golden brownness of the meat when it goes through the fire, it is important to mention that to prepare a good “Trompo” , you first have put a whole onion and a pineapple. Subsequently, the cuts of meat have to be inserted with great criteria, that is, the marinated meat has to be cut into thin cuts, because by placing the “Trompo” vertically and the stacking of the meat is seen to be compact, between the cuts of meat There are people who put onion or bacon to give the meat more flavor, it is very important that when inserting the meat into the rod, the cuts of meat have to be squeezed, so that when cutting the meat undo, when the top is fully assembled, the leftover meat that will be cut to give it that characteristic shape of a triangle in the “Trompo”. The success of a good spin is that when you cut the meat with the knife, the meat is cut into slices perfectly cooked and juicy. They are served in a corn tortilla, with its corresponding portion of pastor and it is finished with a little coriander and chopped onion, you can add a few drops of lemon, a pinch of salt and a spicy sauce, preferably a green sauce with avocado and enjoy. Tacos al pastor are the most popular in Mexico, since in addition to being an extremely nutritious and very tasty dish. As a curious fact, in 2019 the tacos al pastor were awarded as the best food in the world by the gastronomic magazine Taste Atlas, surpassing the Neapolitan Pizza and the Lasagna both Italian dishes.

Grill for tacos al pastor

Ready to make tacos al pastor in your restaurant

The “Trompo” for tacos al pastor that you will find in La Tienda Mexicana is made of sanitary grade 304 stainless steel with its connection to a gas cylinder. It is manufactured in Veracruz, Mexico under European specifications and the highest quality standards..