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Sour Cream

It is true that the "sour cream", sour cream or sour cream not very common in Spain, is basically a fermented milk cream, with the addition of salt and allowed additives, this cream has a soft texture, pleasant to the palate, it also has a acid point unlike liquid cream, in addition to having a very good consistency.

sour cream

Sour cream to enhance your Mexican dishes

Sour cream becomes a staple if we move to other kitchens in Europe or North and Central America, but in Mexican cuisine we know sour cream as cream and we have commissioned this cream in addition to which in Spain it is says sour cream, We have given ourselves many uses, such as a touch of sour cream in Swiss enchiladas, being that it is a characteristic stamp since it simulates the snow of the Swiss Alps, in some enmoladas where sour cream that is put on top gives it a very colorful contrast, with the mole together with the sesame seeds and the onion slices, in some enfrijoladas where the sour cream together with the cotija cheese and the raw onion sliced ​​on top make the difference Also, it should not be missing in the chilaquiles, whether they are green or red, it does not matter, what if it does not matter is that the sour cream is not missing along with a good fresh cheese and its corresponding julienne onions decorating the dish, also, no less s important sour cream must be present in the golden tacos or on the tostadas, whether they are chicken or meat, they must come with their slices of tomato, onion, lettuce and fresh cheese. In addition to the traditional Tortas Ahogadas where at the end they were bathed in the spicy sauce, it is finished off with a few touches of sour cream and pickled onions.

Another use that is given to sour cream is to thicken sauces, such as poblano chile green sauce since when mixed with sour cream it gives it a creamy consistency, as well as in soups, such as tortilla soup that sour cream it gives the balance point, making it a very appetizing dish.

Sour cream is the perfect complement and is a very versatile decorative element and provides a unique flavor, with a sour and refreshing note that should never be lacking.