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Condiments that add flavor to your food and drinks

Seasonings and spices are condiments that have had a great role from the history of civilizations to the present day, without forgetting that they were a currency and even the object of conquest on the “route of spices”. Currently, this market it is constantly growing, either as single spices or their mixtures, as seasonings. The rise of theme restaurants such as Mexicans is one of the factors that has contributed to the increase by trying new and peculiar flavors of seasonings that are used for meat or other dishes, today they have been given other different uses to introduce them. in prepared drinks such as Las Micheladas, which together with beer and lemon, has a set of seasonings that enrich flavors such as LEA & PERRINS Worcestershire sauce, Marysa Seasoning sauce, bittersweet chili powder Brinquito Picosito, chili powder Tajin and Valentina sauce.