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The spice routes are so old that Spanish and Portuguese navigators sought at all costs to discover new routes to carry oriental spices that had become much needed in Europe and it was not until when they discovered America they realized that it was a land rich in spices, which forever changed the culinary history of the world, among the most significant Mexican species are allspice from Tabasco and vanilla from Papantla, Veracruz. One wonders what would be of many cuisines from other continents without the contribution of ingredients from America. Surely it would be less varied and, without a doubt, even a bit insipid if not boring.


Condiments that add flavor to your food and drinks

The seasonings that contain spices in addition to improving the preservation of food, help to enhance the flavor of the dishes and also to use less salt in the preparation of food, such as the Flor de Sal that is produced in Cuyutlán Colima, Mexico Due to its molecular composition, it makes it a Hypotonic Salt, making the percentage of sodium concentration very low, only 30% and 8% of magnesium among other benefits. This aspect is very useful in diets in which sodium intake must be controlled. Among the seasonings that are used as seasonings and to supplement or reduce salt are bay, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, pepper and coriander that also help to better digest food.

The increase in thematic restaurants such as Mexican is one of the factors that has contributed to the increase in curiosity to try the new and peculiar flavors of spices such as achiote, seasonings to make fajitas, spicy BBQ, shredded meat, meatballs, meat stews, etc. The concern for health and the interest in discovering new aromas has greatly increased the demand and consumption of seasonings.