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Mexican specialties

Among the Mexican Specialties, you will find Mexican products such as Cuitlacoche Corn Truffle, which is a product that has been eaten since pre-Columbian times, considered by some "The food of the gods" which in essence is the corn mushroom, it used to be a food of the less privileged Today it is a delicacy that is served in Michelin-starred restaurants. An easy way to cook cuitlacoche is to sauté it in oil, with onion, garlic, a little fresh serrano pepper and epazote. It is used with filling in quesadillas, empanadas, snacks, soups and crepes, it is ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

On the other hand, also in Mexican Specialties we will find the Pumpkin Flower. These flowers are very important in Mexican food and have been an essential part of the daily diet since time immemorial. It is estimated that it has been cultivated in Mexico for more than ten thousand years. The Pumpkin Flower does not have an aroma, but it does have a very special flavor and when combined with epazote and salt, a delicious mixture is obtained. They are used in soups, quesadillas, creams and other traditional Mexican dishes.

Mexican specialties

Traditional Mexican specialties

Another very traditional product in Mexico is the Poblano Pepper, it is a variety of pepper, it is large, not very spicy, dark green with a conical and flattened shape, when fresh they look bright. One of the dishes that has stood out the most in this chili is the chile en nogada for its flavor and history. In the Mexican Specialties we have the Pozolero Corn or the Cacahuazintle corn is a variety of corn originating in Mexico, it is large, white, round and tender grain unlike common corn. For this variety of corn, its kernels are boiled, they open on their own like a flower, and foam. The primary use of cacahuazintle corn in grain is to make the traditional Mexican dish called pozole.