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Green tomatillo

Tomatillo has a slightly complicated scientific name (Physalis ixocarpa), which has nothing to do with how it is commonly known in Mexico, which is Green Tomato, tomatillo, strawberry tomato, milpero tomato, husk tomato, milpa tomato or miltomatl, the latter of Nahuatl origin, which means cultivated between milpas, there is evidence that the Aztecs and Mayans collected and cultivated them within the milpa (plot) giving it a nutritional and curative use.

The green tomatillo grows from a herbaceous plant native to Mexico, a very peculiar characteristic that the tomatillo has is that it is wrapped in yellowish-green leaves as if it were a skin, which makes it quickly distinguishable from the rest of the tomatoes . Its flavor is also very peculiar since it has a sweet but also acid flavor that gives it a balance of sweetness and acidity in the sauces. The tomatillo is an essential ingredient to make the famous "Salsa Verde" which is the basis for many traditional Mexican recipes such as enchiladas, chilaquiles, chicharrones in green sauce, tongue in green sauce, divorced eggs and many more.

green tomatillo

Tomatillo as a base for Mexican sauces and stews

These tomatoes can also be eaten in the same way as if you were eating a raw red tomato, whether in salads, to make jams, even fresh waters, with the only difference being that they seem that due to the green color they seem to be unripe, rather, the color that these tomatoes take when they are ripe are yellow. The tomatillo is small, round and green, surrounded by a wrap that is removed for cooking.