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Food Service

The Food Service arises to satisfy the needs of businesses related to gastronomy. The Mexican Store offers this service, which allows proper handling of food, improving the quality and profitability of the products made in the hospitality business.

En has a team of professionals specialized in providing a comprehensive Food Service advising our clients on the different ingredients of our products. The collaboration with the different chefs of the restaurants allows us to know their needs to provide products originating in Mexico of the best quality brands. Thanks to this collaboration we can provide the most suitable formats for the catering activity.

The idea is, on the one hand, to use the ingredients in a more efficient way by adding the same ingredient in several dishes and on the other hand, in the preparation of food focused 100% on a business angle without also losing sight of the flavor and the quality of the dishes.

food service

Big sizes for big solutions.

The Mexican Store in the Food Service section has several brands of the best quality Mexican products, among which we can highlight are the Jalapeño Chiles in all their presentations to accompany your nachos, Chipotle Chiles Marinated to make the famous chicken tinga, Salsa Green to make your favorite enchiladas, Green Tomatillo the base of your rooms and stews and finally Nacho Chesse Sauce to put on top of your nachos and the brands we handle are the most recognized in the market such as Naremo, La Morena, Carey and Supermex.