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Mexican Beans - Frijoles

Beans are one of the oldest foods known to man and have been an important part of the diet of the Mexican people since time immemorial. It received different names, the Aztecs called them ¨etl¨, the Mayans ¨búul¨, making a place among the indigenous peoples. The beans allowed the indigenous cultures of ancient Mexico to have a very nutritious diet. Due to their resemblance to beans, they were called by the Spanish as 'faxones' or 'favas', becoming part of their culinary diet. In Mexico we can find practically half of the 150 species of this legume with a great variety of sizes and colors.

The beans nutritionally provide the body with a significant amount of iron, protein, B complex vitamins as well as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid. Apart from its good flavor, this legume provides twice the amount of protein than whole grain cereals. Another characteristic of this ingredient of Mexican cuisine is its ability to promote the stabilization of blood sugar and insulin levels.


Mexican Side Dish with Beans - Frijoles

Beans provide a feeling of satiety and are an essential element in the basic food basket of Mexican families. Well these Mexican products are present in most Mexican snacks, for example, sopes, panuchos, molletes, tlacoyos, and of course in enfrijoladas; They are also a basic ingredient of many famous dishes, such as the pork beans from various regions of the country or the charro beans, classics from the north of our country.