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Fruit sauces with pepper

Fruit Sauce, far from its decorative function or as a companion to sweet and savory dishes, sweet sauces present a range of possibilities that stimulate the diner's senses through their flavor, aroma and the exquisite visual sensation of their various textures. Regardless of its consistency, be it liquid, semi-liquid or thick, or its type, cold or hot, it can be enjoyed with fruits, cheeses, meats, fish, salad dressing and as far as people's creativity allows them to experiment when preparing a recipe. with this seasoning.

This sweet variant of sauces has its origin in the Renaissance era and it was in the Middle Ages when it is attributed to French cuisine, the mother of the sweet variant in sauces standing out, in this line the sweet and sour sauces from China emerged , from the Canton region to be more specific. In Mexico, the Mayan civilization created various ways to make cocoa-based foods and beverages with different Mexican products such as honey, corn, and chili. What resulted in the mixture of the sweet with the spicy, giving way to the origin of fruit sauces with chili.

The process of preparing sweet fruit-based sauces is more extensive than the others since the fruits must be washed and cooked over very low heat to obtain a crystallization of the fructose from the fruits for when it is fused with the chili.

Chili Pepper Fruit Sauce

Sauces with chili pepper in cooking recipes

Fruit chili sauces are a different form of sauce for food that have come to revolutionize the most demanding palates. Ranging from combining morita chili with blackberry, making it very versatile since it can be accompanied with a variety of dishes, such as cured or creamy cheeses, foie gras, passing through dishes strong like a filet mignon with mushrooms, until finishing with desserts like topping a cheesecake; The tamarind sauce with morita chili to accompany a bass or Rib-eye: or a mango sauce with habanero chili to accompany seafood such as a ceviche or to make chicken wings.