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Marinades and moles

Mole for many will be an unknown word, but for a Mexican mole is a meaning of identity and an explosion of flavors, the mere fact of pronouncing this word makes your mouth water. The mole comes from the Nahuatl mulli, which is "sauce" in Spanish, the reality is that there are many versions that if mole is a sauce or a stew, but what is true is that mole has a lot of history since pre-Hispanic times They already tasted this delicacy and it was not until the viceroyalty that its meaning was narrowed, resulting in a dense sauce, full-bodied, with its fatty point, with a liquid texture that is mostly used to bathe or pour over a generous piece of turkey. (turkey), chicken or enchiladas, as the case may be. The taste of mole contains a special charm since the one who tastes it falls in love with it or they hate it outright, which if it is true that it is a dish rich in flavors where the protagonist is dried chilies, there are all flavors and colors can be used from a mulatto, ancho, guajillo, pasilla or chipotle, if you want your mole to be yellow use the chilcoxtle chile from Oaxaca, if you want it dark add some ancho peppers, that if the peppers you use have to be without out, clean, seedless and deveined to get the best out of its flavor and aroma.

marinades and moles

Ingredients for marinades and moles

To make the mole it is a very elaborate process where a great variety of Mexican products converge such as fruits such as bananas, raisins and also seeds such as: walnuts, almonds, sesame, peanuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, corn or cocoa, also spices such as cloves, cinnamon and many more. Also, so that the mole has that point of thickness and gives substance and body to the sauce, nixtamalized corn dough, bread or marías cookies are added. Of the ingredients that we have mentioned are just a few, considering that there are moles, such as the original recipe for mole poblano that has more than 100 ingredients, this being one of the most famous moles and an image of Mexican cuisine in the world. Due to the diversity of Mexico there are more than 50 different varieties among which we could mention the mole de olla, the green mole, the red mole, the almond mole, the manchamanteles mole, the black mole and many more. This delicacy is very emblematic since it is one of the dishes used for special celebrations in Mexico, such as baptisms, communions and weddings. As regards marinades in Mexico, they are used very frequently in all kitchens, mainly to marinate meat, chicken, fish, that is, the marinade is made from different ingredients such as dried chilies, vinegar, salt, garlic, oregano , among others, to later let them rest so that the flavors are impregnated before cooking them either in an oven or in a pressure cooker. This technique to make the marinade has its origin in Spanish cuisine, for its later diffusion around the world. In Mexico, the marinade was adapted to indigenous traditions and chili peppers were incorporated to give the meat that flavor of enchilado, like the marinade to make tacos al pastor.