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Preserved fruits

The origin of canned fruit is very old. And as curious as the history of canned foods in general, which goes back more than 9 thousand years with the desire to keep food for long periods of time without spoiling, this was a huge leap in evolution. of the human being for survival in winter times when fresh food was scarce.

On the other hand, the Romans were the forerunners of canned fruits since they were preserved in honey, because at that time sugar was not yet discovered. But the pleasure of eating canned fruits as we know it today dates back to Roman times, who already made them by introducing them in honey, since sugar was still unknown.

The real changes were with the French Revolution and the beginning of modern society as we know it today. It was a before and after in French cuisine as they were the ones who perfected the techniques of preserved fruit and candied fruit.

preserved fruits

Preserved fruits for your desserts

Today Mexican products exist canned of a great quality and variety of fruits to enrich dishes such as mangoes, pears, peaches, cherries, etc.

Fruits that we have are San Miguel brand., Our Mango that is obtained through a process where the fruit is cooked with a syrup until it thickens, causing the water contained in the fruit to drain out and the sugars in the syrup. This process is used to preserve the fruit to be consumed after a long period of time.