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Canned chili peppers

Jalapeñospeppers of all varieties and presentations

Preserved peppers are food products used as condiments or accompaniments to many Mexican dishes and are preserved in samuera, in vinegar or pickled, made with healthy, clean and with the appropriate degree of maturity (jalapeño or serrano peppers), subjected to the pickling process and, later, packed in a liquid medium consisting of vinegar, edible vegetable oil, salt and water; they can contain vegetables and spices.

These chilies can be found in various presentations, from whole deveined or in halves, to the famous slices, sliced ​​(or normally used in so-called nachos) or in pieces.

To learn a little more about this peculiar food that has undoubtedly become one of the favorites of Mexican cuisine, let's start with the history of pickling. Pickling is a method of preserving food in vinegar; The technique basically consists of pre-cooking the food using a mixture of vinegar, water, edible vegetable oil, bay leaves, garlic, salt, sugar and spices. This mixture by itself is also known as escabeche.

On the other hand, brine is one of the resources that help to preserve food, among other benefits. This is water with a high concentration of salt that is dissolved. Remember that if the saline concentration is very high, as it happens in certain places, it does not allow life to exist in the water.

The main use of brine is in its preservation properties. This is a frequently used cooking and packaging technique for peppers of all kinds and is achieved by placing the chilies in a jar, covered with brine and kept in a cool place, they will give them a great flavor and will prolong their conservation.